Los Gatos’ Chateau Liberte: Lights. Camera. Reaction.

Los Gatos’ Chateau Liberte: Lights. Camera. Reaction.

The Chateau Liberte’ a feature documentary. The Chateau was a rustic mountain bar ran by Hells Angels where great rock bands played in the 60’s/70’s. It was also a hippie commune with its own self-sustained way of life.

This video produced for The New Museum of Los Gatos is for educational purposes only. This video preview is also on exhibition at the museum. The Chateau Liberte’ was a rustic mountain nightclub and hippie commune in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Chateau Liberte’ was operated in part by The Gypsy Jokers and Hells Angels motorcycle clubs. There were dozens of people living on the 72 acre property in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Many famous rock bands performed at The Chateau Liberte’ including the Doobie Brothers, The Tubes, Hot Tuna, Moby Grape, Sons of Champlin, Kingfish, Jerry Garcia, Tower of Power, Timbercreek and many more. Rock stars including Jerry Garcia, Skip Spence and others lived there. Legendary artist Captain Whizzo also lived there for almost a decade. Captain Whizzo light shows were seen around the world up to the 1990’s.

The structure was first built in 1865 and was the stagecoach stop between San Jose and Santa Cruz, California. It went through many changes and had many names as a speakeasy during prohibition and a bordello before it was called The Chateau Liberte’. Director W.J. McKay of Goth Mountain Films is producing a feature length documentary film on the Chateau LIberte’ and this preview is a twenty minute long sample of the film. Please subscribe to stay in touch with our videos and the progress of this film. The channel owner claims no rights to some of the music in this video.


The Chateau Liberte’ Documentary Preview

Additional Did You Know's

Unraveling The History Of The First Grateful Dead Show.

The band’s members began their musical journey largely in the South Bay – leading epically to their first  show under the “Grateful Dead” name at a house in downtown San Jose.

How San Jose Became Dead First — And Hosted The Band’s Debut Performance

December 4, 1965: The Grateful Dead’s first performance as the Grateful Dead occurred in a home in downtown San Jose now the site of San Jose’s City Hall.

Hal David Knew the Way to San Jose

The song earned Dionne Warwick her first Grammy and sold over 3.5 million copies.

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With half a dozen Grammys and sales in the tens of millions, able to pack arenas all over the country, Los Tigres del Norte—The Tigers of the North— is the most famous band mainstream America never heard of. 

Doobie Brothers

2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: The Doobie Brothers

Since forming in 1969, The Doobie Brothers have sold more than 48 million albums, including three multi-Platinum albums, seven Platinum albums, and 14 Gold albums.

Larry Norman: the Elvis Presley of Christian Rock

San Josean Larry Norman is considered to be one of the pioneers of Christian rock music and released more than 100 albums.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Go Spartans!

1967 – 1972: Formed by John Fogerty, Doug Clifford (born in Palo Alto), and Stu Cook in the late 1950s. Doug and Stu attended San Jose State, playing now under the name Golliwogs.  In 1967 the band, now with Tom Fogerty, became Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Jefferson Airplane, South Bay Roots

Formed in August 1965 by Marty Balin, was populated mostly by South Bay musicians when he teamed up with Paul Kantner University of Santa Clara (1959-61) and San Jose State University (1961-63), Jorma Kaukonen (University of Santa Clara 1962) and singer Grace Slick resident of Palo Alto who joined the band in 1966.

Severe Tire Damage: Internet’s 1st Live Band

1993 – “We were using about have the available bandwidth of the Internet. With just us doing really really bad songs.” Russ Haynes, Digital Equipment Corp. Severe Tire Damage was the first live band on the internet.” Russ Haines, Digital Equipment Corp.

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