Chuck Berry not Born in San Jose

Chuck Berry not Born in San Jose

“Charles Edward Anderson Berry, 18 October 1926, San Jose, California, USA (although Berry states that he was born in St. Louis, Missouri).” The 1930 Census does in fact list him as being born in St. Louis however…

… as the story goes, just as Chuck Berry’s career was taking off, his manager Wanted to shave a year off of Chuck Berry’s life and give him a more “exotic” sounding place of birth other than East St. Louis. So in the book ‘Windemere Place‘, there’s a quote from Chuck Berry’s assistant, “I was 21,” Francine Gillium recalled, “and I was here a year and we had already established our offices, a nightclub… we were owning and operating two corporations.” But one of her first tasks as Berry’s new employee was to draft a press release detailing information about Berry’s life and career to date. At her employer’s dictate, Francine dutifully typed the fact that he had been born in San Jose in 1931.

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Additional Did You Know's

Severe Tire Damage: Internet’s 1st Live Band

1993 – “We were using about have the available bandwidth of the Internet. With just us doing really really bad songs.” Russ Haynes, Digital Equipment Corp. Severe Tire Damage was the first live band on the internet.” Russ Haines, Digital Equipment Corp.

Stevie Nicks, San Jose State & Fleetwood Mac

“It’s pretty darn good to be back in my own specific and very special hood,” she said. “This is where it all started, and I had to take a minute to let you know that.” Stevie Nicks Nov. 21, 2018

America’s First Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot

And on July 7, 1956, America experienced its first “rock ‘n’ roll riot.” Ain’t that a shame.

Charles David "Doc" Herrold

World’s First Radio Station

Doc Herrold launched worlds first radio station in downtown San Jose in 1909. And, coined the term “broadcasting”. His radio station is now KCBS 740 AM.

Largest Rock Festival in US

Steve Wozniak’s second US Festival in 1983 had total reported attendance at 670,000.

Reinventing How Music is Consumed

“Steve Jobs totally re-invented how we as artists market, sell and promote our music,” says Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell.

World’s First DJ is From San Jose

Sybil True (formerly Herrold), became the  world’s first DJ in 1912. While working with her husband Charles Herrold would launched the first radio broadcasting station in San Jose in 1909. Her “Little Hams” program was aimed at getting children involved in the radio experience.


Santa Clara: Home to Peter Frampton’s Voice

Santa Clara music store owner Dean Markley’s creation of the Voice Box effects pedal, a vocal effects processor, was featured in famous rock artist Peter Frampton’s hit, “Show Me the Way.” 

Most Successful Guitar Magazine

San Josean Bud Eastman, launched Guitar Player Magazine in 1967 to the heights of the musical world.

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