2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: The Doobie Brothers

2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: The Doobie Brothers

Since forming in 1969, The Doobie Brothers have sold more than 48 million albums, including three multi-Platinum albums, seven Platinum albums, and 14 Gold albums.

From Wikipedia: The Doobie Brothers are an American rock band from San Jose, California. Active for five decades, with their greatest success in the 1970s, the group’s current lineup consists of founding members Tom Johnston (guitars, vocals) and Patrick Simmons (guitars, vocals), veteran member Michael McDonald (keyboards, vocals), longtime member John McFee (guitars, pedal steel, violin, backing vocals), and touring musicians including John Cowan (bass, vocals), Bill Payne (keyboards), Marc Russo (saxophones), Ed Toth (drums), and Marc Quiñones (percussion).

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Doobie Digs

Excerpt from February 24, 2021 article in Metro by Gary Singh

Historic landmark discussions are finally getting started for the Doobie Brothers’ old house at 285 S. 12th St. in Naglee Park.

The standard process, while requiring a degree of bureaucracy, is not that complicated. In most cases, the property owners get the ball rolling first. Then comes a public hearing before the Historic Landmarks Commission, after which the commission forwards its recommendation to the City Council. The City Council will hold another public hearing to consider the proposed landmark. If that all happens after the world opens up again, everyone can show up and voice their support in person at the meetings. All should go well.

Doobie Brothers founder recalls good old days living in San Jose

Excerpt from article:

Q: Is the house still there? Have you gone by there lately?

A: It is. I went by that house after playing at the Saratoga Mountain Winery eight years ago — at least. It’s the next day (after the show) and I was driving back home. I had my wife with me and my daughter. I just wanted to show them the house, because they had never seen it. It had been painted. But it still looked like the same place.

I was standing out front, pointing at this and pointing at that, which hopefully wasn’t going to be an alarming thing. Then a lady came out (of the house) and it turns out she was a nurse and had been at the concert the night before.

Q: Wow. What’s the chances?

A: She said, “Would you like to see the inside?” So the girls stayed outside and I went inside and looked around. It had been fixed up a little bit. I went down into the basement and went, “This has shrunk. What happened?” You remember it a certain way back then. But it hadn’t changed. Your perception changed.

Now, it’s been completely renovated. I haven’t been there (recently). I just saw an online thing, like on Zillow. It’s really been fixed up. I think it was going for $2.3 million or some ridiculous amount. I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Q: It needs like a plaque — like “The Birthplace of the Doobie Brothers.” Is there anything like that on the house?




Additional Did You Know's

Stevie Nicks, San Jose State University & Fleetwood Mac

“It’s pretty darn good to be back in my own specific and very special hood,” she said. “This is where it all started, and I had to take a minute to let you know that.” Stevie Nicks Nov. 21, 2018

America’s First Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot

And on July 7, 1956, America experienced its first “rock ‘n’ roll riot.” Ain’t that a shame.

Charles David "Doc" Herrold

World’s First Radio Station

Doc Herrold launched worlds first radio station in downtown San Jose in 1909. And, coined the term “broadcasting”. His radio station is now KCBS 740 AM.

Largest Rock Festival in US

Steve Wozniak’s second US Festival in 1983 had total reported attendance at 670,000.

Reinventing How Music is Consumed

“Steve Jobs totally re-invented how we as artists market, sell and promote our music,” says Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell.

World’s First DJ was From San Jose

Sybil Herrold became the  world’s first DJ in 1912. While working with her husband Charles Herrold who launched the world’s first radio broadcasting station in San Jose in 1909. Her “Little Hams” program was aimed at getting children involved in the radio experience.


Santa Clara: Home to Peter Frampton’s Voice

Santa Clara music store owner Dean Markley’s creation of the Voice Box effects pedal, a vocal effects processor, was featured in famous rock artist Peter Frampton’s hit, “Show Me the Way.” 

Chuck Berry not Born in San Jose

“Charles Edward Anderson Berry, 18 October 1926, San Jose, California, USA (although Berry states that he was born in St. Louis, Missouri).” The 1930 Census does in fact list him as being born in St. Louis however…

Most Successful Guitar Magazine

San Josean Bud Eastman, launched Guitar Player Magazine in 1967 to the heights of the musical world.

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